SaaS pricing and the cloud: Making it an innovation enabler for SMBs

The greatest promise of the cloud has always been freedom. Internet of Things (IoT) startups all over the world benefit from the flexibility that large cloud providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) give their customers. In fact, it is hard to imagine how a young cellular IoT connectivity company could succeed without the ability to deploy and scale a global infrastructure in no time and at an affordable cost.

The conclusion we’ve drawn at EMnify is simple: our customer’s...

Why brands must embrace consumer post-pandemic buying habits

The coronavirus pandemic has, in many ways, radically changed consumer behaviour. In-store shopping has plummeted due to social distancing measures, and many customers are instead opting for no-touch fulfillment and purchasing items online.

Once the pandemic passes, some shoppers will return to their previous buying habits as though nothing ever happened. But many consumers are forming new buying habits that will stick with them well into the future. Brands need to understand...

What to expect from the Digital Experience and eCommerce track at #DMWF Virtual

The digital marketplace and eCommerce landscape is ever-changing and there is no denying the Coronavirus global pandemic has had a real effect on this and digital experience, creating more challenges for marketers. 

On day two (September 17) the Digital Experience and eCommerce track at #DMWF Virtual will focus on approaching the challenges we face with selling online and providing services. Our expert speakers will be sharing their real-life experiences and practical how-to...

Disrupting the eCommerce status quo: Covid-19 and digital transformation

There is no doubt there is a sense that the Great Retrenchment is upon us; yet as ever, where there is a crisis, new opportunities arise.

As Ian Altman, business-to-business growth expert and bestselling author of Same Side Selling, reminds us, the underlying product or service hasn’t changed, but the way it’s presented now has to.

Up until Covid-19 most organisations believed they had reached the pinnacle of digital transformation, when in fact they were nowhere...

Retailers have a long way to go for autonomous supply chains, says new report

The process of automating the retail supply chain is a slow one according to new research - but the desire for change is strong.

The Retail Supply Chain Digital Readiness report, from Blue Yonder and WMG, University of Warwick, found that of more than 100 global retailers surveyed, only 15% have advanced autonomy in their supply chains.

For those who aren't there yet - level three and four, representing prescriptive or autonomous supply chains respectively - more than...

Happy holidays? Why festive planning is earlier than ever this year

Brands love reaching their most passionate customers. As a former retail CMO myself, I get it. When you reach early planners, you reach the CEOs of the household—an audience that buys and spends more. Reach them first, and you have a shot at being their first choice when it’s time to shop.

And yet, for as long as marketers and advertisers have been prioritising planners, they’re making some seriously incorrect assumptions about this key audience right now. I heard from a CMO...

Five reasons you need a cart abandonment campaign

Research from the Baymard Institute shows that nearly 70 percent of online customers leave items in their carts without making a purchase.

Customers abandon carts for a variety of reasons, and there is no guarantee that they’ll remember to come back once they’ve left. Luckily, businesses aren’t helpless when it comes to reconnecting with these customers. Cart abandonment campaigns let businesses give a second pitch for their products and have another point of...

How Covid-19 has shifted consumer expectation – and digital commerce investment

The global coronavirus pandemic has driven half of shoppers to buy products they have never bought online before, with 70% admitting to buying more than usual, according to a new report. But what does this mean for customer experience?

According to Bloomreach, in a study put together alongside Forrester, heightened customer expectations has meant a greater shift in investment from brands.

Overall, the impact of Covid-19 has been variable. Based on 50 global decision...

Four key strategies to create successful immersive meetings

Clearly, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a sea change in the events industry.

As headlines published surrounding lockdowns across the globe, those organising upcoming events scrambled to assuage eventgoers. They also had another difficult task at hand: deciding whether to move fully to digital versus cancelling their carefully planned meetings entirely. For those who decided to move online, the question was about engagement: How would they replicate the immersive touchpoints that...

Has social distancing helped usher through the age of immersive digital?

As brands around the world respond to the ongoing disruptive trends and scrabble to re-shape the way they engage with their customers, what we are witnessing is an explosion of immersive digital experiences.

It might seem that up until a few months ago immersive digital interactions were more of a cherry on the top rather than the actual bun. Has the recent enforced social distancing changed our daily habits for good?

On the one hand we have seen a surge of digital...