Five reasons you need a cart abandonment campaign

Research from the Baymard Institute shows that nearly 70 percent of online customers leave items in their carts without making a purchase.

Customers abandon carts for a variety of reasons, and there is no guarantee that they’ll remember to come back once they’ve left. Luckily, businesses aren’t helpless when it comes to reconnecting with these customers. Cart abandonment campaigns let businesses give a second pitch for their products and have another point of...

How Covid-19 has shifted consumer expectation – and digital commerce investment

The global coronavirus pandemic has driven half of shoppers to buy products they have never bought online before, with 70% admitting to buying more than usual, according to a new report. But what does this mean for customer experience?

According to Bloomreach, in a study put together alongside Forrester, heightened customer expectations has meant a greater shift in investment from brands.

Overall, the impact of Covid-19 has been variable. Based on 50 global decision...

Four key strategies to create successful immersive meetings

Clearly, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a sea change in the events industry.

As headlines published surrounding lockdowns across the globe, those organising upcoming events scrambled to assuage eventgoers. They also had another difficult task at hand: deciding whether to move fully to digital versus cancelling their carefully planned meetings entirely. For those who decided to move online, the question was about engagement: How would they replicate the immersive touchpoints that...

Has social distancing helped usher through the age of immersive digital?

As brands around the world respond to the ongoing disruptive trends and scrabble to re-shape the way they engage with their customers, what we are witnessing is an explosion of immersive digital experiences.

It might seem that up until a few months ago immersive digital interactions were more of a cherry on the top rather than the actual bun. Has the recent enforced social distancing changed our daily habits for good?

On the one hand we have seen a surge of digital...

The four pillars of good spend management – a key skill amid the Covid-19 downturn

Spend management is hardly the most glamorous component of marketing, but its impact can be game changing. That fact is particularly important as businesses react to the downturn ushered in by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Done well, spend management can free up marketing budget and serve both as a foundation to weather a storm and a catalyst for future growth. Effective spend management enables agile decision making within days (or even hours), allowing marketers to rapidly re-deploy...

The risks of staying on Magento 1 for eCommerce as it moves to end of life

For many brands operating in the eCommerce industry, it’s well-known that popular platform Magento 1 is coming to the end of its supported life. And, after June 30, there will be no more updates or security patches released. But what does that mean for the 6,000 UK website owners still running Magento 1?

Businesses still have time

The first thing to point out here is that there’s the opportunity to re-platform – whether that’s moving to Magento 2, or a completely new...

How to combine your people, your brand and your technology for game-changing disruption

What makes a truly transformational and disruptive idea? The answer is two-fold. Firstly, these ideas understand and respond to new behaviours while leveraging new or underutilised technology. And secondly, they often come from ambitious organisations who understand how to integrate the right people and skills to stretch a vision and deliver on a single, motivating purpose or mission.

In short, game-changing ideas create real-world impact for people and businesses. And this...

AI retail software market set to touch $10bn by 2025, says Omdia

Analyst firm Omdia has predicted that the expenditure on AI software for retail uses across the world will grow to $9.8 billion (£7.96bn) in 2025, compared to $1.3bn in 2019.

The report, titled Artificial Intelligence for Retail Applications, also says that retailers will have invested $37.3bn on AI-driven solutions from 2019 through 2025 globally.

Plenty of use cases are driving the artificial intelligence market within retail, such as reducing cost and improving the...

How Sophola is looking to raise Japan’s digital marketing expertise to the world level

The digital marketing landscape in Asia right now is a fascinating one. While there may still be a degree of nascency compared to Western markets, trends and strategies are developing quickly. According to a study from eConsultancy in April – ‘The Omnichannel Imperative’ – enterprises in Southeast Asia saw real-time marketing as their highest priority, alongside omnichannel delivery and engagement.

For certain Asian countries, such as India and China, the...

Kroger launches offering focusing on more precise attribution for brands and suppliers

Retail giant Kroger has announced the launch of a new product which aims to provide brands and suppliers with more transparent sales attribution.

The new feature, from Kroger Precision Marketing (KPM), the company’s media advertising business, will mean brands can view in-store and online sales results attributed to campaigns across Kroger properties, with Kroger applying only 100% verified transactions from in-store and online customers.

For marketers hoping to...