Salesforce State of Marketing report promotes empathy, AI, and more focused KPIs

Salesforce has published its latest global State of Marketing Report, which has explored the rate of transformation within marketing and the data and organisational goals needed to achieve it.

The report, which collected data from almost 7,000 marketing leaders globally, had three overarching findings:

Marketing transformation is taking on new urgencyMore empathetic marketing is being achieved due to greater data and personalisationMarketers are doubling down turning...

Aimee Stone Munsell, CMO, Contentsquare: On leadership, learning, and lateral job moves

Aimee Stone Munsell, chief marketing officer at digital experience software provider Contentsquare, is a firm believer in the adage that a leader is only as good as their team. "A leader's job is to make themselves obsolete," she tells MarketingTech.

Realising the bluntness of that statement, Stone Munsell (left) laughs and clarifies. "What I mean by that is my job is to create at each level of management and leadership, to make the people underneath you successful and the...

Carolyn Corda, CMO, ADARA: On empathy as a marketer – with Covid-19 hitting travel hard

Carolyn Corda, chief marketing officer (CMO) at data co-op ADARA, notes the importance of empathy in marketing. This is not just in terms of campaigns, but also in becoming a better marketer.

“What’s really worked for me is I understand the business not just from the marketing angle,” Corda tells MarketingTech. “I’ve been deep in the different elements of airlines.”

For Corda, who prior to becoming CMO at ADARA was managing director for digital travel and...

Q&A: Ashling Kearns, VP EMEA marketing, Salesforce: Why AI can help marketers now

Artificial intelligence, as well as more general automation technologies, is impacting marketing in a significant way. The promise of getting more analysis done on marketing data - as well as gleaning greater insights from it - is an irresistible one.

Yet it is not merely a case of flicking a switch and letting the good times roll. Writing for this publication in January, Arun Mani, president of Freshworks Europe, warned of a 'significant disconnect' between what customers expect...

Five key digital marketing strategies during Covid-19: Redefining and redeployment

While nobody can predict  what a post-coronavirus reality would look  like,  one thing is certain for marketers: digital channels are more important than ever. Online channels now play an increasingly crucial role, as people continue to self-isolate and spend more time online. In Italy, for instance, once the government introduced country-wide quarantines in mid-March, online traffic spiked 30%.

Today, we are seeing similar trends occur globally. In  these sensitive...

Carol McNerney, CMO, Information Builders: Marketing through digital and business transformations

If you begin a career in marketing and have ambitions to go to the very top, you want to become a chief marketing officer (CMO). Or at least, in most companies you do. For others, it is a question of semantics.

IBM, where Carol McNerney, CMO at business intelligence software provider Information Builders, cut her teeth, had traditionally been cut up into silos, with vice presidents (VPs) in charge. Indeed, it was only 2016 that the Armonk giant ‘officially’ hired its...

Anna Griffin, CMO, Smartsheet: Why curiosity, problem solving and knitting makes a great marketer

Anna Griffin, chief marketing officer (CMO) at Smartsheet, has a saying of which she is fond: you can’t have a new tool and push it in an old way of working. “It would be like having Netflix playing on a rotary phone,” she tells MarketingTech.

The launch of the iPhone more than a decade ago is a classic case in point. Industry analysts, for whom no term is too dull, called it the ‘consumerisation of IT.’ In other words, companies realised their employees wanted to work...

The CMO’s viewpoint: Marketing during a pandemic is not business as usual

Organisations are struggling to adjust to the new reality of the Covid-19 pandemic. Revenue is being impacted in retail, travel and hospitality industries among others. Companies are figuring out how to keep the business moving while employees are adjusting to working from home. And cyber criminals are having a field day feasting on all of the disruption and uncertainty.

So, what does that mean for marketers? Do we simply carry on with our 2020 game plan? I believe that would not...

Four key tips to move up the digital marketing career ladder

For many, a good career involves opportunities to progress however it can be challenging to understand how to get to the top. Although there are different methods of progressing, and people have different suggestions, in my experience it’s often the less traditional routes which yield the best results.

Education isn’t everything

It might come as a surprise but I don’t think it’s crucial to invest in higher education for a successful career in marketing. While there are...

Four key ways a brand can set up an army of employee advocates

It’s important for businesses to tap into the power of their people – and how they possess a deeper understanding of customer needs – as well as the type of digital comms they want to interact with.

Empowering staff can transform a firm’s online presence and ROI too, because customers often trust those they know over an organisation’s marketing messages. 

This is where an employee advocacy programme can effectively be rolled out....