Brainstorming: How to do it better

A sign saying 'use your brain'.

Brainstorming sessions are a great way to develop new ideas and take the team’s input, but they feel like a total waste for many managers.

These sessions usually result in some participants bickering while others just sit and listen without trying to partake. This is, of course, a waste of time and entirely non-productive because the whole point was to take everyone’s input, and if that’s not happening, it’s useless.

Sometimes even if the brainstorming does bring...

Half of marketers feel their companies fall short on customers’ expectations

A customer being served.

Almost half (48%) of CMOs believe the customer experience their organisations deliver falls below or significantly below their customers’ expectations. 

That’s despite more than three quarters (79%) recognising that delivering a premium customer experience is a powerful competitive advantage.

This is according to new MarTech Alliance and Treasure Data release new research, in which 200 markets in the UK, France and Germany were surveyed.


CIM: Vast majority of marketers optimistic for the industry post-pandemic

Busy square during the pandemic with people wearing PPE

As many as 71% of marketers believe that the COVID-19 pandemic has positively affected perceptions of their brands, according to a new report from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).

The CMO 50 explored the views of 50 of the UK’s top marketers with regard to the long-term future of the marketing industry, finding that the vast majority of CMOs and directors are optimistic but call for stricter government regulations moving forward.

Overall, spirits seemed high...

Toluna launches industry’s ‘first-of-its-kind’ enterprise insights subscription

Someone with a laptop making notes.

Consumer insights provider Toluna has launched what it claims is the industry’s first and only Enterprise Insights Subscription. 

Developed in response to client feedback and market demand, brands will now have limitless access to the industry-leading Toluna Start platform, Toluna research experts and consumer insights powered by the Toluna global panel community.

As the consumer landscape changes at a rapid pace, the value of real-time insights has never been...

Fintech marketers invested £2.13 billion in user acquisition in 2020

A collection of Sterling notes.

Despite a challenging 2020 for the financial sector, remarketing efforts soared threefold and non-organic installs increased by 70% globally.

This was just one of the key findings from the 2021 edition of The State of Finance App Marketing report by  marketing measurement firm AppsFlyer. 

Fintech apps are in high demand, according to the study, experiencing a 132% leap globally in downloads since 2019, with the UK having seen a 129% increase in the last year...

The importance of emotional wellbeing in marketing teams – and how to achieve it

Performance and productivity has long been the goal of businesses everywhere – always aspiring to do more, better, faster, at less cost. But how do we truly achieve this? Especially in a world where the pace of innovation continues to accelerate?

Often, we think about the key to performance as removing friction, but what if there is an important opportunity in friction? At our recent Attune Summit we had the privilege of hearing from the inspiring Dominic Price, of...

The CMO guide to finding allies in the C-suite

There’s a lot of optimism in the air about the pandemic coming to an end, thanks to increasingly widespread vaccine deployment. People hope to resume normal lives at home and at work. But marketing executives already suspect there’s no going back to the way things were in 2019. Many CMOs saw huge budget cuts in 2020 and are wondering what comes next.

One thing seems certain: digital ad spending, which outpaced expenditures on non-digital forms of advertising for the first time...

Meeting of the minds: Achieving collaboration between CMOs and CFOs

Communications – both internal and external - have become more critical than ever. Perception and reputation amongst stakeholders and colleagues have flown up the agenda, as leaders continue to grapple with tighter budgets and the disruption of business plans under the strain of the pandemic. Going forward, nurturing internal stakeholder relationships will be essential for CMO success, especially with those who hold the key to enabling marketing activities – namely, the...

The CMO and CISO: Assessing the evolving intersection

The world has changed – from Betamax to Netflix, HMV to Spotify, and everything to mobile – and the relentless pace of transformation has put us in a constant state of flux. In a bid to keep up, businesses have increased their focus on digital transformation, propelling the chief information security officer (CISO) from the IT periphery to the very heart of decision-making. 

In parallel, technological evolution has driven a change in customer behaviour. If the purchasing of...

The business case for a strong CMO-CIO partnership: A guide

Digital transformation has been a trending topic in the business world for several years, but out of necessity, efforts to upgrade digital capabilities accelerated sharply in 2020. With social distancing measures in place, millions of office workers tackling their workload from home, and consumers and business buyers researching products and making purchases online, companies had little choice.

Digital marketing accounted for more than half of ad spending in 2020 for the first...