How SportPursuit boosted sales by 50% in 2020

Two people hiking near mountains.

SportPursuit is an online retailer of sporting products operating in the UK and across Europe. It offers a broad range of sporting goods and outdoor brands, including apparel, footwear, equipment and nutrition — for cycling, hiking, running, skiing, snow sports, swimming and tennis.


“Our big thing is personalisation,” reports Andrew Bell, SportPursuit's head of CRM. “We send a lot of emails because we have so much new merchandise on-site on a daily...

NordVPN Teams sees digital marketers increasingly at risk of cyberattack

NordVPN Cyber Crime

According to Expert Market Research, the global digital marketing industry is now valued at $305 billion (£220bn) and is expected to reach $807 billion (£581BN) in 2026, with an estimated CAGR of 17.6%.

In such a growing market, cybercriminals are always vying for a share of the cake. Hundreds of marketing firms are targeted by cyberattacks every day, and of these some will always succumb to attacks.

What’s more, it’s not just the big firms that are in danger....

Case study: B2B marketing is tired: How Wasabi used its entertainment roots to spice things up

Remember the heydey of jingles? The short song that accompanied commercials for your favourite products, one that would start playing in your head out of the blue even if you hadn’t seen the ad in days, weeks, months, years? Even after all this time I still find myself humming the theme for Klondike Bars, Band-Aid Brand and Oscar Meyer… maybe it’s my brain’s subliminal messaging for telling me I’m hungry.

Like any fresh marketing professional coming out of college, I...

Sustainable Marketing: How to Drive Profits with Purpose book extract: On CEO and brand activism

Whether you think it is a good thing, or a bad thing, CEO activism is a real thing!

There are an increasing number of CEOs taking a stand on political and social issues. Their view is that a company should have a higher purpose beyond maximizing shareholder value, and that they can use their position of power as a force for raising awareness and doing good. Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, has written extensively on the topic.

In his latest book, Trailblazer – The...

How Cadbury is using Pinterest Trend Badges as a sweet spot for inspiring decisions

Case study As 2020 flipped routines and shopping habits on their heads, marketers were challenged to find new ways to inspire people to engage with brands that fit with their new lifestyle and mindset. The “new normal'' comes without a playbook and has highlighted the value of insights showing real-time information on how people are planning their future cannot be underestimated.

We’ve seen the evidence of this at Pinterest where the percentage of users who visited places to...

MarketingTech partners with Publisher’s Toolbox to accelerate digital growth

With tough economic conditions prevailing even before the devastating impact of Covid-19, independent publishers everywhere are looking at ways to reduce expenditure while continuing to offer high-quality content to their communities.

With one eye on future scalability and growth, MarketingTech have partnered with Publisher’s Toolbox , digital platform specialists with a commitment to supporting independent publishers through their digital platform...

Beyond the traditional: How YouTube is looking to turn lockdown viewing habits into a marketing win

Lockdown measures have been continuing to ease across the UK and beyond - albeit with some caveats - but there are some habits formed over the past few months that are here to stay. Being stuck behind closed doors led many people to try new things for the very first time, whether that was baking bread, a self-haircut, or working out at home instead of down the gym.

While the evidence on the streets suggests hairdressers won’t be replaced by DIY jobs any time soon, all three of...

Creating a unified brand strategy: Why problems ‘start small and multiply’

Creating a unified brand, across all stakeholders and touchpoints, is one of the most important goals a marketing team strives to achieve. Digital transformation has made this need more acute; the importance of social media means a plethora of new channels to get communications right.

As social has made the world more connected, it has also forced companies to make their workplaces more connected and collaborative. Yet many marketing departments struggle to even get that...

Why R&D is ‘the wind beneath marketing’s wings’ at Coca-Cola: AI, analytics, and more

Session Even if you are one of the biggest and most recognisable brands in the world, it never pays to stand still.

Coca-Cola is a particular case in point. For years, the soft drinks behemoth regularly topped the charts as the world's most valuable brand. Yet in 2013, according to Interbrand's rankings, Apple took Coca-Cola's crown, ending its 13-year unbroken stay at the top and moving it down to third, behind Google. As of 2019, Apple and Google remain one and two, with...

How to combine your people, your brand and your technology for game-changing disruption

What makes a truly transformational and disruptive idea? The answer is two-fold. Firstly, these ideas understand and respond to new behaviours while leveraging new or underutilised technology. And secondly, they often come from ambitious organisations who understand how to integrate the right people and skills to stretch a vision and deliver on a single, motivating purpose or mission.

In short, game-changing ideas create real-world impact for people and businesses. And this...