Why the marketing data ecosystem needs to up its game on certification and transparency

Most industries have voluntary certifying bodies that attest to the quality of their members.

For example, in the investing world, a chartered financial analyst (CFA) is someone who has been certified by the CFA Institute after having completed three rigorous examinations testing their investing and financial acumen.

Though taking the CFA Exam is voluntary, it has become the benchmark against which most investment professionals are measured, and its selectivity — fewer...

How to clean up with the right dashboard strategy: Turning marketing data into business insights

Data and analytics are designed to drive revenue and provide the insights necessary to grow an organisation’s bottom line – guiding key decisions, identifying new customers and determining what is working and what is not. And while data has always been an important part of a business’ strategy, with the increase of digital marketing and increased multi-channel tactical execution, it is more essential than ever before.

What some businesses might not realise, however, is that...

Don’t just address compliance as part of your marketing strategy – embrace it

Session When it comes to marketing, trust is sometimes considered something of a dirty word. Pre-GDPR, it was almost laughable. Yes, you can trust us not to hawk your data to any Tom, Dick or Harry going. You can also trust us that our product does exactly what we say it does, and that you won't get a few bills down the line because you neglected to read the small print.

The wheels are in motion for those who blatantly transgress, though the cogs can take a while to whirr. For the...

Three guiding principles for building better marketing analytics dashboards

Modern marketing campaigns are constantly churning out data that can allow companies to continually improve customer engagement. But for that data to be useful, it has to be organised and presented in a way that key stakeholders can understand and act upon.

Enter the marketing analytics dashboard. These visual data representations provide a single, unambiguous source of truth about campaign performance. They allow stakeholders without a background in data science to easily see...

Five ways marketers can leverage personalisation – without violating privacy

In today’s digital-first marketplace, personalising the customer journey matters more than ever. As personalised marketing tools become increasingly intelligent, companies gain unparalleled insight into how their customers behave, which helps these brands better understand and cater to their target audiences.

In some cases, this insight can be a double-edged sword. People appreciate personalised customer experiences, but some users rebuff marketing tools that access information...

Know your data – and your limits – before utilising automation to drive campaign ROI

Brands are sitting on millions of pieces of data about customers and their behaviours – and yet many marketers are still failing to effectively apply it to their digital comms.

As a result, it’s leading to an array of lost opportunities. But why is that the case when organisations are exposed to even more ways to analyse their performance, speak to audiences on a deeper level and positively impact business growth?

Perhaps organisations aren’t providing marketing...

Not in a silent way: How Jazzed launch represents alternative to ‘all-you-can-eat’ streaming culture

Have you ever been in a position where you’re on the well-known video streaming platform of choice and find yourself utterly unable to decide what to watch next? The algorithm and lazy load web design is happily combining to give you suggestion after suggestion, but nothing seems to fit.

If so, you’re not the only one to have the same feelings. For those saturated by the era of all-you-can-eat for £9.99 in the music industry, there are increasingly new...

The great data trade-off: Why consumers will still share details – but only for a true value exchange

What do the NHS, Fortnite and US Customs and Border Protection all have in common? The answer may surprise you, but they have all had major data breaches since November 2018.

These sorts of privacy scandals never seem to leave the headlines, and people are right to be concerned about who they share their data with and why. Indeed, data ownership has been a major public concern since the Cambridge Analytica scandal and people are taking steps to control their digital footprints....

Key areas of focus for retail advertisers in 2020: Cross-channel strategies and delivery models

Now that we are into 2020, there will no doubt be many metaphor-infused mentions of vision, sight, and awareness. In the world of advertising, foresight is just as important as hindsight. Being able to predict future innovations and consumer behaviours means keeping on top of not only late-breaking industry news and cutting-edge innovations, but also knowing what lies further ahead in the digital advertising space.

We’ve taken the pulse of the industry and identified five...

Why marketers need to be obsessed with AI and machine learning in 2020 – and what can be done

As we edge ever closer towards the beginning of a new year, the next 12 months are set to provide an extraordinarily challenging time for marketers – but it’s certainly not ‘doom and gloom’ by any means.

Not only will they be expected to seamlessly tackle the increasing volatility, data regulation and apathy towards traditional marketing methods, but they must do it all alongside having a clear, robust and forward-thinking strategy, in order to thrive.