More than half of UK marketers expect 10-25% revenue drop from cookie deprecation

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Two fifths (42%) of marketers say the loss of cookies will decrease revenue and over half of these (57%) expect a drop of 10-25%. 

This is according to a study by data management firm Lotame. The company surveyed 200 UK senior decision-makers in digital media and marketing to evaluate identity solution adoption amid the flurry of data privacy changes reshaping the open web. Respondents were polled in September 2021, after Google revealed another delay to deprecating...

Taking back responsibility for data

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It is an obvious statement to say that the more information brands hold about their customers, and the higher the quality of that information, the more accurate and relevant the marketing of products and services can be.

In today’s digital world, it’s a safe bet that much of the customer insights utilised by marketers comes from third party cookies. This has always, however, been somewhat of a scattergun approach as the science behind cookies is not very...

Three quarters of CMOs ‘are contributing to business growth’

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CMOs’ responsibilities are shifting, with around three quarters of them now responsible for contributing to business growth (76%) and data and technology (74%). 

This is according to the latest Capgemini Research Institute report, ‘A new playbook for chief marketing officers: Why CMOs should enable real-time marketing to drive sustained growth’. 

Despite the CMO’s new data-focused responsibilities, only 12% of marketers have the requisite data access,...

Creating a data ecosystem built on consumer trust

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It’s time to build an ecosystem that is rooted in consumer trust and puts the consumer first, says Tim Geenen, managing director, Addressability Europe at LiveRamp.

The increased scrutiny on third-party cookies, mobile device IDs, and IP addresses has made it increasingly difficult for advertisers to continue delivering meaningful experiences to consumers. As a result, publishers and advertisers alike have been finding ways to personalise the consumer journey without the need...

ISBA launches Code of Conduct for influencer marketing

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The Incorporated Society of British Advertisers (ISBA) has launched a Code of Conduct for influencer marketing, aimed at raising standards, smoothing relationships between industry participants, and delivering transparency for consumers.

The Code has been driven by ISBA members who wanted to address the negative issues surrounding influencer marketing. It was designed in collaboration with representatives from talent agencies and a group of influencers – and the aim is that it...

Old School: The forgotten tech making a comeback with marketers

In the results-driven world of performance marketing, it can be tempting to jump from tool to tool, scrabbling at the latest must-have tech. 

Despite massive advances in the way that marketers work, at the core of many strategies lies some pretty reliable tech, which shows no sign of being dropped from the marketing mix. 

There is a reason why old tech works, there’s a layer of trust and acceptance that marketers can benefit from - big time.

Old tech,...

Most marketers welcome the withdrawal of third-party cookies

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As many as 78% of UK senior marketers believe that the final withdrawal will have a positive impact on their advertising strategy. 

This is according to a study by data connectivity platform LiveRamp, in collaboration with research company, Censuswide, which examined how UK brands are preparing for the withdrawal. When asked how it will affect their future advertising strategies, respondents cited anticipating improvements in audience targeting, reaching audiences at scale,...

The importance of emotional wellbeing in marketing teams – and how to achieve it

Performance and productivity has long been the goal of businesses everywhere – always aspiring to do more, better, faster, at less cost. But how do we truly achieve this? Especially in a world where the pace of innovation continues to accelerate?

Often, we think about the key to performance as removing friction, but what if there is an important opportunity in friction? At our recent Attune Summit we had the privilege of hearing from the inspiring Dominic Price, of...

Why automation is your greatest ally – if you use it right

As an agency owner or marketer, you’re in constant pursuit of two things: demonstrating return on investment and landing new clients. The past year has only intensified the necessity of these pursuits — especially the latter — as you likely tried to help clients through the challenges of the pandemic while shortening and digitising your sales pipeline.

When used properly, marketing automation can make your sales process more efficient and scalable. By automating tasks that...

Assessing the disconnect between email and wider marketing teams

It is estimated that around 80% of businesses use email as their primary communication tool, especially when it comes to external communications. Virtually every sector, over the past year, has found themselves being forced to make changes and implement new technology in order to adapt to the effects of the pandemic. And in response to the shift to digital, how companies choose to implement and use email marketing has become even more essential to drive revenue.

Yet, despite...