Five ways marketers can leverage personalisation – without violating privacy

In today’s digital-first marketplace, personalising the customer journey matters more than ever. As personalised marketing tools become increasingly intelligent, companies gain unparalleled insight into how their customers behave, which helps these brands better understand and cater to their target audiences.

In some cases, this insight can be a double-edged sword. People appreciate personalised customer experiences, but some users rebuff marketing tools that access information...

Disrupting the eCommerce status quo: Covid-19 and digital transformation

There is no doubt there is a sense that the Great Retrenchment is upon us; yet as ever, where there is a crisis, new opportunities arise.

As Ian Altman, business-to-business growth expert and bestselling author of Same Side Selling, reminds us, the underlying product or service hasn’t changed, but the way it’s presented now has to.

Up until Covid-19 most organisations believed they had reached the pinnacle of digital transformation, when in fact they were nowhere...

The CMO’s role in a post-pandemic world: Flexibility with authenticity

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the chief marketing officer (CMO) role was already in a state of flux, with several high-profile brands moving away from the position. Early this year, Gap’s CMO left without a direct replacement. Shopify’s chief marketer departed in February 2020, and the e-commerce firm announced it would not fill the vacancy. Uber went through two CMOs in 2019, ultimately leaving the CMO role unoccupied.

Fast forward to March 2020, and the CMO role experienced...

Know your data – and your limits – before utilising automation to drive campaign ROI

Brands are sitting on millions of pieces of data about customers and their behaviours – and yet many marketers are still failing to effectively apply it to their digital comms.

As a result, it’s leading to an array of lost opportunities. But why is that the case when organisations are exposed to even more ways to analyse their performance, speak to audiences on a deeper level and positively impact business growth?

Perhaps organisations aren’t providing marketing...

Gartner’s CMO advice: How to create value-based martech for uncertain times

I’ve worked on Gartner’s annual CMO Spend Survey for a number of years, but 2020’s survey has been the most interesting to work on by far. It captures marketing in a time of upheaval, as it struggles to understand how to respond to COVID-19’s immediate challenges and forge a path towards recovery and renewal.

Uncertainty abounds, and CMOs vacillate between wild optimism (almost 80% believe that COVID’s impacts on business performance will be short-lived) and deep caution...

Affiliate marketers share their insight: When is the pain worth the gain with automation?

Automation is revolutionising the digital marketing world, as with many other industries, changing the scope of what is possible, the way teams are structured and the expectations we have.

However, the affiliate universe faces an additional dilemma: How to bring this powerhouse of technological change into an industry built on a foundation of human relationships.

Inhabiting a world somewhat separate from display, search and other digital marketing offerings means that...

CMOs maintain optimism for post-Covid marketing budgets despite fears, says Gartner

Marketers are adopting a 'stoic' attitude to their marketing budgets post-Covid-19, but it is an opinion not widely shared by their C-suite colleagues.

That is the top line finding from the latest Gartner CMO Spend Survey, which found almost three quarters (73%) of CMOs expect the pandemic's negative impact to be 'short-lived.' The after-effects, according to heads of marketing, are expected to turn positive within 18-24 months, with CMOs reporting increased investments across...

Facebook: Zuckerberg says ad boycott will end ‘soon enough’ as Oxford study explores impact

As the number of companies boycotting Facebook continues to grow, a study from the University of Oxford argues an 'immediate' negative impact could result, particularly in the retail sector.

Various major brands, including Adidas, Coca-Cola and Starbucks - with PlayStation the latest big name to join - are withdrawing advertising to pressure the social network into taking a stronger stand against hate speech.

According to the Information - with the story's veracity later...

How AI could help marketers with future pandemics

When you have a hammer, it is tempting to look for the nail in every situation. This temptation doubles when the tool is as powerful and multi-faceted as AI.

Much is currently being said about AI and how it’s helping with solutions during the pandemic, for instance in contact tracing, maintaining social distancing, or the search for a vaccine. AI is also helping some companies to cope with commercial disruption, for example Walmart has turned to robot cleaners. Behind the...

Achieving transparency and responsibility in digital advertising amid technological change

Webinar Digital advertising is in many ways like any other technological landscape: the advancements on the tech side cause ramifications which are played out with regard to ethics.

Last week marked the two year anniversary since the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force. A plethora of articles arrived to mark the occasion, with bunting and birthday cake duly provided.

Yet it's GDPR's party, and the data subject will not comply if they want to....