The ‘cyber five’: Prepping search strategies for peak retail

Black Friday and Cyber Monday, previously competitor sale days, now look set to emerge as one event - a giant ecommerce extravaganza - thanks to increased ecommerce uptake among consumers. The five days from the American Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday 26th November through to the following Cyber Monday are now dubbed the ‘Cyber Five’. This year, it will bring a host of new elements for search marketers to consider. 

Gleaning as much insight as possible into your...

Why agility has been the number one marketing skill of 2020

If you look at any job spec for a marketer, the attribute of ‘agility’ will be fairly low down the list of requirements, if on the list at all.

The events of 2020 have changed that – the ability for businesses and their marketing teams to demonstrate agility has been crucial in the face of extreme market pressures that have disrupted strategies across multiple sectors.

Firms operating in the retail sector have been among the hardest hit by the pandemic. In the UK,...

Content creators: Here’s how to monetise digital content effectively

Sponsored If you’re a digitally transformed organisation in the brand, publishing or broadcasting space, or any digital content creator for that matter, chances are you’ve discovered that while having a digital content strategy and a platform to share it is one thing, monetising all that great content is another matter.

For digital content creators, monetising digital content is the last great hurdle on the journey to sustainability, with traditional revenue-generating...

Three key ways the Covid-19 pandemic has changed digital advertising strategies

Covid-19 has changed a lot of things about the world in a very short amount of time. It has completely transformed the way that we interact with others, work, travel, and do just about every daily activity. It should come as no surprise that it has impacted marketing as well – and yet many companies have done little to nothing to adjust their digital marketing strategies as a response to the pandemic.

According to a report from Advertiser Perceptions, one-third of advertisers...

How to acquire and retain the attention of 200 million ‘ad aware’ users

Adjusting to any new environment is hard at the best of times, but back in March many of us had to come to grips with a new type of office: our homes. The kids screaming in the background during a video call, the moment of panic when the internet connection dropped, the constant snacking every hour of the day…and that’s not including the noise of everyone else working remotely with you and their phones going off constantly.

For the first few days and weeks in a new work...

CMO Council explores the remit of earned media – and strained relations between marketing and comms

The Covid-19 pandemic may have forced a change in some respects, but a new report from the CMO Council makes it clear: marketing and comms are still too adversarial, and more media cohesion is needed.

In its report 'Bridging the Gap for Comms and Marketing', the council, alongside Cision, surveyed more than 150 brand leaders, as well as conducting interviews with executives from Schneider Electric, IBM, Nokia, and more.

Ultimately, marketing and comms don't really...

How to capitalise on interactive voice advertising: A guide

Until fairly recently, advertising has been limited to one-way communications. Advertisers attempt to make lasting impressions on mostly passive audiences in short periods via billboards, broadcast, print, and other mediums. Sometimes their efforts pay off, but it’s hard to track engagement.

That’s because all brands continuously bombard people with static, one-dimensional ads. Consumers grew adept at tuning out dry or repetitive radio, TV, and internet ads — a psychological...

Understanding the eight metrics YouTube’s algorithm uses to rank videos

YouTube can be commended for making efforts to keep the marketing community updated about its latest developments in algorithms and analytics. This article looks at some of the metrics that YouTube’s algorithm uses to recommend videos to viewers on their Home and Watch Next screens.

Click-through rate (CTR)

On the home screen, YouTube shows the most relevant videos to viewers based on how many times other users clicked on the same videos and found them useful. The same CTR...

Brandwatch: On ‘rethinking and rebuilding’ digital marketing amid Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has made many businesses suffer - and for marketing teams and agencies, where proving value has almost always been a bunfight, the impact has been especially hard.

According to a study from performance marketing provider Uplers in June, polling CEOs and senior management in agencies, more than half (57%) believed the impact of Covid-19 would last more than six months. Two thirds (66%) had seen a decrease in overall revenue.

Digital consumer...

Why digital marketers have to keep up with emerging tech to stand out

The internet is having a moment. Forcing most of the developed world inside and online this year has officially pushed us into the next digital evolution. Among other technologies, augmented reality (AR) is on the rise. Digital marketers need to be aware of AR's vast capabilities in order to reach today's media-bombarded customers in new and exciting ways.

Augmented reality makes perfect sense in scenarios when consumers want to try goods on themselves: makeup, clothing,...