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Consenting adults – ensuring images don’t cost millions

A man gently tossing a camera in the air.

A photographer’s $12 million lawsuit against video game developer and publisher Capcom has highlighted the importance of digital consent management. US photographer Judy Juracek sued the Japanese games developer Capcom for damages, alleging that Capcom used approximately 80 of her images...

Customers lack faith in brands protecting them from fraud

A man sitting in the dark, using a laptop.

Half or UK retailers believe they are doing everything they can to prevent e-commerce fraud, but far less consumers (17%) share their confidence.

The stark disconnect between retailers and shoppers on the matter of online shopping fraud has been highlighted by new European and US data...

Brainstorming: How to do it better

A sign saying 'use your brain'.

Brainstorming sessions are a great way to develop new ideas and take the team’s input, but they feel like a total waste for many managers.

These sessions usually result in some participants bickering while others just sit and listen without trying to partake. This is, of course, a...